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Nicole Wilson is part owner of NoCo Virtual Link and Colorado Virtual Properties and owns a real estate business. She has a background in graphic design, web design, photography, social marketing, sound and music development and fine art.

She has formal education in fine arts exploring painting, photography and graphic design through an associates degree. This training provides a strong background in design, color theory, composition, photographic techniques and photo editing required to bring a professional quality to all of the photographic and design elements of NoCo Virtual Link products

Nicole has a background in music training as a cellist, and sound design through experience as a music editor, developer and dj host. This experience ensures quality sound from all video products that help you present yourself professionally.

Her experience as a real estate agent also brings in an added benefit for real estate clients, as she understand the standards and developing needs of the industry, such as compliance and competition. Nicole has a non-compete agreement to ensure that standards of trust and compliance remain for all clients working within real estate.

If you need real estate transaction or advising services reach out to Nicole at: www.NicoleAnnWilson.com



Gregory Goetz is part owner of NoCo Virtual Link and Colorado Virtual Properties with a background in the areas of tourism, videography, sound production, real estate photography, web design, social marketing and customer sales. His varied background and skills brings the experience you need to trust our products can bring you a professional edge.

His formal training in videography stems from experience in videography production used in giving tours as a Park Ranger with the National Park Service and developing educational materials. Responsibilities included script development, on-video talent, location and lighting design and post production consultation. 

Gregory has sound production experience through on-air dj/music hosting in professional studios. Responsibilities included producing, hosting and programming at radio stations such as- Northern Lights Public Radio and 88.9 KRFC. 

Having worked for photography company Velocity REOs, an online real estate photography contractor for financial institutions, Gregory has training in specific needs for real estate photography. He has an eye for detail, such as within editing photographs and digital media, with a focus on creating a quality end-product that meets or exceed industry standards.